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Welcome to Starmaker Studios your journey starts here.

Our studio, producers and vocal coaches have vast experience across all genres of music and can cater for all styles of vocalists. Your session will provide you with a CD of your track recorded, mixed and mastered to the standard you would expect from any commercial recording studio.

Your Journey Starts Here

The perfect fun gift for anyone who loves to sing. Imagine giving that special someone their moment to shine by having the amazing experience of recording their favourite pop song in a professional recording studio.

It’s a gift they’ll never expect but never forget. A special opportunity to have a completely new, exciting and fun experience whilst  making a CD of their recorded song that can be kept forever.

You never know, your gift could provide them with the confidence needed to start them on the path to their dream career.

An Ideal Gift - Record Like A Pop Star

Is it your dream to be a Pop Star? Have you ever imagined recording a song in a professional recording studio just like your favourite Pop Star? Now your dreams can come true.

Experienced Singer?

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Birthday Party Experience - Up to 4 people

As well as being a great gift for beginners, this is also a great opportunity for an experienced artist to record an up to date demo at a fraction of the price.

With all the latest equipment and technology we can produce for you a demo at a high industry standard.

Starmaker Studio offers recording and private tuition in

singing and performance.


Friendly, Fun, Fantastic

For the beginner, amateur or professional this is a fantastic offer to record a track to a professional standard in a friendly and fun environment.

Our staff are all experienced in working with young people and creating positive learning experiences in a safe environment.

Young or Old - Beginner or Experienced

Something For Everyone

Developing Confidence | Building Technique | Unleashing Creativity

Valerie Preston & daughter Amelia (9)  

Thanks Starmaker.

“I had a great time learning at SuperStarmaker, I cannot believe how much I learnt in my coaching lesson. I highly recommend booking this experience. The teachers are amazing.”

Ashley Nicholls (14)

A brilliant experience.

My daughter has been singing from aged 2!! She wants to be like Taylor Swift, so this was an ideal present. Lilly loved her recording experience that much that she now attends Starmaker studios regularly as a student for singing lessons.

Hayley & Lilly Bairstow (8)

Thumbs Up!!!

“I am so pleased I bought this gift for my daughter. She has loved her recording session at Starmaker” She is delighted with her CD and plays it all the time.”

- Have fun singing your favourite pop song with your friends and our professional voice coach.

- Record your song in our state of the art studio and get your own CD recording.

- Blow your candles out in our party room.

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NEW SuperStarmaker